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shortly after this, i lost my brakes

we found a leaking hardline and cut off fluid to it, but still no pedal. tried to bleed it a bit and still no pedal. needless to say, it was a long slow drive home and i'm pretty sure my tranny hates me now cause i made that puppy work.

some of the 80 guys might be see why my line went. for those non cruiser guys, a bit of background....there was a group purchase on mud for the 80 front right sway bar brackets. apparently the brake line is secured to them and when they break off, which apparently they do, they brake the line. my brake line wasn't secured to that bracket so i should've been fine. EXCEPT, the bend in the hardline sticks out those few millimeters too freakin' much and when the sway bar bracket broke, the head of the bolt that goes through the bushing must've caught the line.

learned that was design engineering mistake number one. design engineering mistake number two was the step backwards toyota took when they went away from the automatic adjusting e brake. design engineering mistake number three was when they decided it would be a great idea to make the ebrake only adjustable if you remove the wheels

remember...everyday is kick an engineer day (sorry matt). and if it's a little japanese guy who's just laughing his ass off at the pissed of american, kick him an extra time for me
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