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Default FJ40 Body resto

This question is directed in particular to those on this forum who have done FJ40 restos.

In VERY closely examining how FJ40 bodies are put together, and in particular the b-pillars, quarter panels and wheel wells, I am fairly puzzled at the factory's design. Why are the quarter panels bolted to the b-pillars, and sealed with seam sealer, and then the top of the lip is welded to the top of the b-pillar? Why is there this mix and match of bolting, welding and seam-sealing? The places where the front of the rockers bolt to the a-pillars is a similar mystery. Why is it bolted AND welded? Why not just one or the other?

Why are the quarter panels not welded, bolted OR seam-sealed to the "box section" of at the ends where the floor pans attach to the mid-bed? I'm REALLY tempted to weld them there.

It is tempting for me to say "screw all this bolting and seam sealing, just weld everything!". And then fill with body filler or seam sealer as appropriate. But there must have been a reason. Anybody know?

An important tip for rocker install: Make sure they are 1/16" wider (outward) from the box section to account for the thickness of the rockers. Or else you'll have more cutting and grinding to do to make the quarter panels flush with the rockers. Don't ask me how I know ;-)
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