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Well we are having fun here in Moab, the jeepers are keeping us in line, long ones to boot(23 is the smallest group so far) the biggest group has been 43 trucks on one trail. We ran poisen spide mesa the other day and did not even stop to spot most of the challangeing spots.
The west coast guys are here and we are having fun too boot. Chris took the silver fj up potatoe salad hill the other day, (twice on two seperate days) the second day we had a crouwd of aobut 300+ giving us a bunch of fun givbs. It took a few trys for us to get it up the second day( I was spoting him on the lines) If you want the tip on how to get a stock one up, let me know. (hint it takes a hook and walk line). Any how they will not let us take any real hard trails as they do not know the capability of the truck yet(little did they know).
Any how the days have been long and I have not been able to get on the computer that much. Slickrock camp ground has repaired the septic system, but the dust has been horable. I will see you guys in Moab soon, and I will try to get on the computer more often. Until later robbie

Matt I did post you a pm on the info you want befroe i did this post. catch you guys later robbie
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