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[quote= snip

edit: And in my first and only yellow top experience, Crash that battery I bought from you is still doing well. It spent a brief tenure in the plow truck, then moved over to to Subaru, then it went camping on the Ouray trip in the camper, then it rested inside the garage for a few months. When it started getting cold I brought it inside the house and stuck it in the closet. And wouldn't you know it, two weeks ago someone left something on and ran the battery down in the Subaru, so I swapped in the yellow top and voila back in business. After trickle charging and testing the other battery it's back in there now, with the Optima back on the shelf ready for its next job.. one thing I learned last winter being an hour away and 10 colder than everyone else is having a nice warm backup battery inside the house can be a wonderful thing, glad I got one of the good ones! [/QUOTE]

Glad to read this Nakman. Back up is always a good thing!
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