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The NEW Sears Die Hard Platinum is the same battery as the Odyssey. There is a thread on MUD showing both batteries and they are identical except for color. As mentioned above...I bought the biggest one they had and it just barely fits in the tray (with very slight trim of the corner). They also sell one the same size as stock (27, I believe). This thing has so much cranking power and with the deep cell, I hope it does well after being drained. It's only been in there for a month or so, so I can't speak to longevity, but owners of the Odyssey batteries who chimed in on MUD completely swear by them over the Optima. On sale at Sears, it was around $200. Not cheap, but not too bad for what it promises and the warranty is easy at Sears. I had a red-top prior, but it was having trouble in the cold. PO put it in only three years ago.
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