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Way up topic someone said that AutoZone doesn't carry Optimas in stock anymore? I work for AZ... I know in my store right now we have at least 3 red tops in stock. Now the Yellows sell as soon as we get one, and the Blue tops I have seen come in special order. Usually 1 or 2 days with no shipping charges to you.

Just some FYI here... Our Duralast batteries (the red top and yellow/gold top) were at one time #1 in Consumer Reports, above Interstate even. They are made my Johnson Controls, who I have heard is the same place that makes Interstate?

I had bought the Duralast Gold batteries way before I worked for AZ. They always withstood the CCCold and abuse from the winch. Never had one really lose a cell until the warranty was about up. The DL Golds can have some good cranking amps... I typically use the 34DT-DLG that has dual terminals and 1000 cranking amps, and 800 CCA. The only one we have that is more amps would be the 65DLG which has 1000 cranking, and 875 CCA. While I am at it... they have a 3 year free replacement, 8 year prorated warranty... valid at any of AutoZone's 4000+ stores.
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