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Good fun was had for sure. I was surprised to see that it hadn't really snowed much up there since we were there a month ago. But, that was good in that we were able to get around so everyone could get into the action this time. The first group (Tom, Bill, Rudy and Kimmel) were able to get all the way to the top. Bill and Tom continued on down to Fall River road. I guess they had to winch down through very deep snow once they got into the trees. I was with the middle group and the Horsetooth guys led the last group. At least that's just how it worked out with about 27 rigs on the trail. The Horsetooth 4 Wheelers were a very cool and equipped bunch of people. We were glad they joined us. Radio communications were key. Since we were so spread out, having the HAM was key. Even Uncle Ben chimed in and called Beou Jo's with a headcount for us.

The snow got pretty deep past the first playground and would high center most folks. I led the middle group the 2nd playground where it was obvious it would require winching multiple times to continue. This is where Uncle Ben and his group turned around I believe (I own him 20 bucks). We turned around after more play and met the last group coming up. We managed to let them all by as we headed back up to the rise near the first playground. We didn't think much of this section coming down it, but coming up was a winch fest for another hour of so to get everyone back up. This was the exact spot that Craze broke his berf years ago. I think Ige even got strapped some more going down - she needs new tires. I'm sure it was good for many people to be able to get stuck, push the limits and feel out their strengths and weaknesses. It was interesting for me to see how well or poorly people would do based on the weight of their rig, tires and amount lift etc. We all made it back to the middle parking area with a nice view of the storm below us then took York Gulch down to I70. Success!

I'll post pictures later.
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