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Want to say thanks to the Rising Sun and Scott for a AWSOME time. As the little guy on the run i don't think i did to bad. but than again being a photographer and having no PICS because i was to busy either trying to get up a hill or getting unstuck says a lot. My vivid memory would be as i left the upper parking lot and started up it was deep but kept my foot in it till about half way up there was a little bump, i got on it hoping and praying but that is where i stopped. About 200 yards from anyone. i get on the radio to let folks know and before i can say anything i here.... im stuck... im stuck.... im stuck..... im stuck... from there i tried to dig out but when i seen the snow under the whole FJ i know i had to wait. There were rigs all over the mountain at any givin time. All i can say it was a BLAST!!!! Cant wait till the next one. Oh and skid plates on FJs work great to keep you on top till the tires have nothing to grab on to. Almost forgot.. Thanks Don for getting me out of the last deep spot. Did not get a chance to say it before we split up. Till next time see everyone on the trail.

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