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Originally Posted by Seldom Seen
I WAS a Heep guy had to learn the hard way.

Another option for the rear, that's little known even by the Joop crowd, look for a Ford 9" from a late 70's -> early 80's Lincon Town Car or blue oval station wagon. Close to the same width, some came w/ rear disks, and the same lug pattern.
Those 9" pinions hang down SO low and they are narrower than stock (but the R&P is a monster) a Currie high pinion diff with Ford 8.8 IFS reverse rotation gearset is a whole 'nother story.

As far as $$$ are concerned, I was going to put a Toy 8" in my old XJ before we outgrew it, and I had a line on a 1998 with about 70K miles with 4.56 and e-locker for $675 shipped to my door.

Couple hundred bucks of fab work for the suspension links and shock brackets, wheel spacers, plus cable shifter, and you have a seriously high clearance axle with 4.56 factory installed gears and a selectable locker. You cannot do an 8.8 anywhere near this cost (of course, you have to find a good Toy 8" at a good price) if you want lower than 4.10 gears and a full carrier replacement locker. Plus, the 8.8 is a c-clip, and you have the same bracket work for a TJ (XJ's are just a spring pad).

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