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Originally Posted by Red_Chili
Hey, Brian, I got your message too late to respond. Frankly I'm not sure, but we can go diggin' if you want. If I have one it's yours, I still need to figger out the rear axle seal situation on that ABS housing I have, so I won't need it too suddenly.
No worries, Got 'er Jerry rigged real good. We were out Sat and when I switched the locker on I'd get a short "ZEET" sound from the actuator and then clicking sound, like the splines were trying to line up. The indicator light never came on and it never felt like it was locked. Sort of the same problem I encountered last year. Got home jacked it up and all seemed well but no light . Couldn't tell for sure if the fork was traveling far enough to hit the detent ' light . Bulb was not burned out (this time ). So I tore it down and found one of the wires from the indicator switch was broken right at the plug. Not enough left to solder . Managed to cut away some of the little boot and got < 1/8" to solder. Was able to get just enough solder to hold it together, but figured it ain't never gonna hold. Then I had me a Martha Stewart moment HOT GLUE GUN !!!! I encased the solder joint and built up a strain relief with HOT GLUE It's gonna hold for now. Still need to replace it at some point. OH and when I pulled the actuator the spring was still under tension Kinda like the motor wound it up but the fork hadn't moved enough to release the spring . All's good for now (and you wonder why I want to go w/ an ARB)

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