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Default LEO's

I would hate to see you guys, or anybody at CM09, get into trouble with a federal agent. A couple of burly dudes, or a 45, donít help, either. Remember, too, when you appear in court, the only thing that counts is what the LEO says. And, the judge will always side with the LEO. After you put the kids to bed tonight, fire up the computer, get on YouTube and go to ďBusted: The citizenís guide to surviving a police encounter.Ē Itís 45 minutes long, but it could be difference between protecting your 4th Amendment rights as opposed to wishing you hadnít given up those rights.

And speaking of CM09 in Moab, UT, keep in mind that LEOís in Utah, Texas, and Arizona, in an effort to reduce costs in DUI cases, have done away with the breathalyzer. Officers are now permitted to draw blood to prove drivers are drunk.

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