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Default The Soy Latte Build...vintage '93 (i'm boring...just a warning)

Yes, I'm a little odd today, not that that is anything out of the norm, but spending 4+ hours today in a Prius when you are 6'4" can do strange things to you. Good thing a stop by Slee Offroad along the way helped.

Anyways, I is the psuedo buildup thread for no reason. Started out 5 years ago with a 93 Land Cruiser, 1 owner Female Dr. owner, purchased and every service a Peterson Toyota in Ft. Collins. I've been dying to build this 80 series up...been through many vehicle..hell the last one I had to anyways...the wife has her newer one so I get old faithful.

1993 bone stock with lockers, 194K and the only problem we have had so far is the power steering pump went last year and the rear E-locker that decided to not engage. It's working now, here's a writeup I did..

E-locker replace/fix

The first mod was to remove the running boards, my wife is 5'11" i'm 6'4" so we don't use them, and just hit our shins on them. This was the only mod for 4.5 LOOOONG years. Next was the ARB front winch bumper which paid for itself two weeks after install when we hit a deer at 70 MPH in Kansas....NO DAMAGE thats bueno! So again for 5 months it sit like this...getting better...

so after my the wife got a new ride(s) and I finally got my 80. I put the 285 a/t's on it temporarily.

Then came the roof rack removal so I could "hopefully" fit her in the garage after the lift.

The next just fell in my lap, Actionjackson (the guy who's 80 is on 40's) had me first in line for his used rear TJM bumper tire carrier which needed some TLC(pun intended) for a very nice price, to cheap to pass. The slee was my first choice but would have to wait a year(s) It was missing the mount for the tire carrier and the bearings were TOAST...The guys in my fab shop built a tire mount 3" higher to accomodate a 315 and not hang so low. I got new bearings at a parts place in town and fixed that. everything is getting better!

My initial lift was to be the Old Man Emu "J" lift with 1.25" alum. spacers. After checking a lot on mud people said it worked well with "light" 80's but could get squishy...I decided to stepup to Christo's 4" springs up front and run the J's in the rears for a "level" look. If it sags in the rear, I'll sell those and get his 4" springs.

As for caster, the plan is to use some of Slee's arms when they come in, in a few weeks. These arms alleve the need for a DC driveshaft and are beefy!!! I'll make all the spacers/bumpstops and extend the lines. I'll get the DIY panhard those later as well.

The tires are on order and should be in, in about 2 weeks...they better BE!!! i'm going with the Toyo Open Country M/T, 315 75 R16. Hopefully they'll treat me well.

The lift is "scheduled" to go on this weekend...stay tuned for more

and now some poser pics...

how she sits today:

The used TJM setup:

The part we built, 1/4" steel

96 285's OME 's ride
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