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Originally Posted by treerootCO View Post
Perhaps this thread should be moved to the member's only section. Rising Sun probably doesn't need to publicly voice their opinion that we are for, or against, the authority working in the fine state of Utah.
Maybe, but I don't think anyone is questioning the authority to enforce the laws. Just that their authority is still clearly limited by your Constitutional rights. I've been 'profiled' as a neo-hippie in my old white Toyota truck with mountain bikes on top and CU alumni plates. I'm generally a law abiding fellow and don't go out of my way to make their job hard (gosh knows a 22R-E can't seriously break speed limits). But the system from the top down is being streamlined to make violations easier to enforce, judges rarely deny warrants, the word of the police is unquestioned, the laws are written to make enforcement and punishment easier. You have to actively exercise your rights to keep them.
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