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Sounds like a fun "tech" session at the next club meeting! Maybe even after Hops. There is an empty field across the street from the south Stevinson exit. Yeehaw!!

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Learned the starting fluid trick many years ago while I was still in High School. I worked at a Co-Op in Eaton and sometimes brand new truck tires just wont air up because they were stacked too high in the shipment and the beads were too squished together. I always make a "fuse" from the bead to the edge of the tire with a close sprit. ALWAYS STAND INLINE OF THE TIRE!!! If you are facing the rim your gonna lose some facial hair! Simply light the wet "fuse" and look away. It works very well! Another lesson I will tell you and you can choose to listen or find out for yourself is it works best to have the core removed so you can air the tire quickly as when the heated air rapidly cools the tire might unseat again. DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE STEM TO HOLD AIR WHILE YOU GRAB FOR THE AIR HOSE! Puts a very cool looking but painfull 1/4" circle on your finger tip that will last plenty long to amuse your friends! The method is actually very safe if done with caution and intelligence. It will not ruin your tire and it will not send flying rubber accross the shop. It WILL give you a fuzzy when you do it by the whole nature of the process! I always carry a can of starting fluid....go ahead check my parts box!

EDIT: Just watched the vids.... It is not a good idea to have the tire laying on the ground. If the rear bead is unseated it could pop the whole wheel/tire in the air and also flying sand/dirt might not be fun in the eyes.
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