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Originally Posted by Bruce Miller View Post
I wonder if the LEO came across someone from one of the NGO's, say, The Nature Conservancy or The Sierra Club, if their attitude would be different that it would be with a 4 wheeler, quad, bicyclist, or motorcycle. I think the rules of the game are different, depending on the players.
Every time I have met an officer in Utah they have been great. On the most recent Outlaws Run we met a Ranger in the Dollhouse area. She was very nice and appropriately said "slow down" when the sound of one guy's V8 as he rounded a corner amplified the appearance of speed (a very nice and responsible member of our group who just picked the worst possible time to go a bit fast on a sandy road). Later on the trip she gave a guided tour of the Grand Gallery.

A few years back we met an Emery County Deputy who was not only super nice, but completely advocating that roads stay open. As you know, some of the locals out there don't want the federal government telling them what to do.

The members of this club are much more conscientious and responsible campers than most other people I know and I think the officers we meet on the trail can sense that.

PS. I'm not licensed to practice in Utah so y'all are on your own out there!
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