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Default Brake Booster Issues...

Howdy Everyone-

Well, drove around 150 miles in the cruiser today, with a short run up into the mountains, coming down I had to hit my brakes a bit to allow a faster vehicle by, when I did my truck darted side to side... this was new, but I am not sure if it is related.

After driving to the airport and back about an hour and half, my brake pedal was getting a bit stiff but still slowing the 40 down.

By the time I got home today, I was needing to downshift to scrub speed and the pedal was stiff as a board. I was having to stand on it to get it to stop. I also had a bit of fluid coming out of the front cap when I got home... the cap is pretty dry rotted and loose though.

I am thinking it has to be in the booster? Fluid is good, pads are good, these are disks.

What do I start to look for with the booster? How do I check it for proper function?


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