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Bruce, Thanks so much for the reply!! I have tried 2 dipols, the first was one which I made from scratch, 12ga "high strand count" premium grade speaker wire insulated approximately 16'6" total length. My feed to the attic is RG-58 plenum rated with a BNC connector in the attic to enable an easy connection with a coupler and a PL-259 at the tuner. The antenna is mounted as high as I can get it in the attic, I am however in a ranch but the peak is about 20-25' above grade. My roof does slope on the north and south side so I am sloping the antenna at about 45* from the peak, I am sloping on both sides (inverted V).. The second antenna is the exact same design with few exceptions, it is a dipole that I got from LDG with the tuner. It is 14ga bare copper 7-strand non insulated, same RG-58 lead with BNC connector.. Do you think I may be better off running the antenna east to west without the inverted V? If I flatten out the North / South it will only be about 14' above grade. I am on a hill, not the highest house around but still pretty high. I did check the SWR without the tuner and it was off the charts, when I connected the tuner and hit the tune button on the Icom IC-7000 it locked in and dropped the SWR to between 1 and 1.5.. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to learning more... 73 for now..

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