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Nathaniel: Thanks for the info!!! The LDG Dipole was just a length of wire with 3 plastic insulators (a freebie for buying there tuner). I took the 50ohm coax and soldered the center to one half and the shield braid to the other half, this is a short section (about 3') which I then installed a BNC connector for quick release. My thought is that I would like to have an antenna which I could take with me in the field for a mobile setup.. The feed to the attic from my shack in the basement is about 50 to 60' of coax... I was really surprised to see the SWR as high as it was and think you are correct about my need to get the SWR more in line without the tuner, I went off of the paperwork sent with the LDG tuner and I do not know how they came up with 16'8" for 28.1Mhz.. Per the 492 rule - 28.1 it would be 17.51... So, I will work on correcting the SWR without the tuner and see if that helps.. I am studying for the General now and hope to have it soon, I need to brush up on my math skills a bit more. I really like your idea on the 20m dipole!! I will make one up and run it outside to see if i can get anything on it...Thanks again for all your help!!!!

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