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Default Camera/phone USB cables - completely interchangeable?

So if the cable fits, is it ok to use? As my population of electronic devices grows, so does my collection of USB and charger cables. The newer ones all appear to be the same too, like a Blackberry cord fits great in a Canon camera, and actually so does the cable for the card reader... and it's got to the point that I forgot what cord came with what device.

For computers & monitors, I've resolved that a power cord is a power cord. On DC stuff (printers, speakers, portable CD players, guitar pedals....) if the volts are right and the round end fits then I call it good to go.

But on this USB stuff, does everyone else forget which cord came with what and just use whatever fits in the device? Would two cables that are identical in fittings actually be wired differently? Or do you keep everything separate and when you get a new device buy all new chargers and accessories? I took all this for granted until I paid real money for a Blackberry, and its documentation says to "only use Blackberry approved accessories." Hey if I was in accessory sales I'd probably print the same thing.. but by ignoring this am I going to wind up in some sort of hell for the cable indifferent?
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