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I wouldn't run bias Iroks on an 80. I ran them on my 40 and on the highway you could watch the rubber disappear. A local guy had them on his Blazer. He only got 13,000 miles out of them daily driving. I don't think they will fit on a stock 80 wheel with the lift you describe. I tried putting them on my 80 once. I run Js with a 1" spacer in the front. They completely filled the wheel well. No room for even a speedbump. They are fairly wide.

Joe Sommerville runs the 35" TRXus on his 80 and loves them. He's had them for quite awhile.

Another tire that is sort of neat is the Mickey Thompson MTZ Radial. It is new. My brother just bought some for his LX in a 315. I'm not sure how true to size they are. They were like $840 with shipping from National Wheel and Tire.

Did you try 4wheelparts for Toyos? Everyone else was out but they had them when I ordered mine about 2 months ago.
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