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Since you know that a roller fairlead fits here is another option:

Viking Replacement Delrin Fairlead Rollers

These new Viking rollers are designed to be used with synthetic winch lines, replacing the factory galvanized rollers. They are made from Delrin offering high strength, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance, and have a smooth surface to protect your synthetic winch line. these rollers replace the stock Warn fairlead rollers. The Viking rollers are 68% lighter than stock: .97 Kg (34.4 oz / 2.1 lb) vs. stock steel rollers at 2.4Kg (83.2 oz / 5.2 lb). Delrinis a material that somewhat similar to lightweight alloys like aluminum. We call it the alloy of plastics because it has good machining properties like aluminum, it is dimensionally stable and very tough. The material is resistant to oils, chemicals, UV light and abrasion

  • Made from tough Delrin
  • Lightweight
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Wider rope opening with curved edges front and back
  • High heat resistance: maintains serviceable life with intermittent use at 140.5 C (285F.)
  • Melting point : 165 C (329 F)
  • Tensile strength at 73 F: 8,800 psi
  • Precision CNC Machined
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