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Originally Posted by Crash
I wouldn't be surprised if the Delrin fairlead would require drilling of new placement holes just as the Warn fairlead does to fit the ARB correctly. Also, there are a couple of other reasons given by several of the synth rope vendors as to why a roller fairlead isn't recommended for rope such as the rope won't roll the rollers.
A friend of mine turned me on to these guys 'cuz the ARB's on both of my trucks leave few options for mounting hause fairleads for syn rope. I gave them a call and they have come up with this solution with ARB's in mind. Here is what I learned

There is no need to remove your current roller fairlead, you just pull the pins and replace the rollers.

Syn. rope makers do not recommend the use of steel rollers 'cuz if the steel is nicked, scratched or damaged in any way it could leave a sharp burr that will damage your rope.

They recommended that you start with a fresh set of syn rollers when you put on a syn. rope. If the rollers do get scuffed, nicked or damaged, the damage will not leave a sharp burr that can cut your rope. Any injury to the roller can be fixed on the trail with emery cloth.

They claim the will take more abuse than steel. That remains to be seen, but where the rollers are positioned on my bumpers, I doubt the rollers would take a hit any way.
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