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Default MtnTrucker and Timmbuck2 locker swap

Thanks to Chris, Randy, Timm and Ige for inviting others to this event. Here are some pictures from the locker swap yesterday. Both trucks were already locked after the switch Randy now has 4.88 gearing and an ARB air locker up front.

The day ended up being a long one. We got into the shop and started about 10:00 and were just to the point of bringing Timm's pig down from the left just before 7:00 pm.

The group did accomplish getting the lockers swapped over, but ran into parts issues with upgrading Chris's rear locker.

This first shot is from early on and you can see Randy and Timm under their trucks draining the oil form the rear differentials.

Air tools and jack stands are very nice because you get plenty of room to work. Here you can see the difference in height as the rear diff cover is removed.

In this photo Randy is removing a bolt so that the insides of the lockrite can be revealed.

Ige was there all throughout to give some guidance at teach a few things. Here she is demonstrating the steps to remove the springs from the locker.

Cleanliness of the mating surfaces is very important. Here is Chris cleaning gasket residue.

Randy is using a wire brush to clean residue.

On Randy's front diff, the gasket material was really tough to get cleaned off. Here he is scraping it away.

Both rear diffs eventually got to the place they were just waiting for their new internals.

This is a shot of the lockrite internal parts going back into place on Randy's rear.

Here Chris is giving Randy a hand with the nuts on the third member. These third members are heavy and an extra set of hands comes in handy.

Ige is guiding Timm through the process of putting his lockrite internals back into place.

Randy setting the torque on the front.

Couple of interesting shots, first is the grease in one of Randy's knuckles.

Second is a picture of side and spider gears.

While the day was much longer that I had expected. I appreciate the opportunity to see something new.
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