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Based on our continued success, we have decided to provide something back to those who volunteer. If you volunteer and staff a minimum of two shifts for a minimum of two hours each, then the Cruise Moab Committee will pay your TLCA dues for a year. If you're current, it will just extend it.

Those that lead or gun a trail will count as two shifts for the days run. Trail Leaders will also recive $$ compensation for leading a trail. However, Volunteers for Laeders and Gunners are not handled here. Greg Luer (Cheesman) is the trail boss and decides those slots.

This is a win-win. It provides thanks to those who work hard to support the event and cash flow for the TLCA.

We will need volunteers at Registration and tech Inspection Weds, Thur and Fri. Wednesday is all day comprised of 2-3 shifts, more shifts if there are more volunteers. The rest is just before the runs.

Typically, the largest need for volunteers is the dinner. The work last about 2 to 2.5 hours, but we break it into two shifts so people can have dinner and socialize with the folks who come for an hour. This alone will require 15-20 volunteers to work the raffle/merchandise sales over two shifts. The dinner shift only counts as an hour. However, if you help setup/breakdown or just help out in General anytime during the event, you're covered and will get credit for a two hour shift between that and working the dinner.
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