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Originally Posted by FJBen
I'll try much as i hate to lol...see if they have them

Apparently TYLER on the board is running the radial IROK's on this setup, 4" coils up front, non-j's on the rear and clears them decently.

I noticed the toyo's were definitely heavier but that sounds like a good thing to me. I'll be gearing next year....not to mention my last rig was definitely on the slow side...I don't think this could compare....28:1 crawl ratio???

Maybe I'll just drive around in circles lifted with 285's to look goofy til some tires come in !
Tyler does have the 36" IROKs on his rig...he is actually just running OME heavy in the rear, I believe, and he has 1.25" wheel spacers, which I think you'll need. I think they took off 3" of up travel (lowered bumpstops) to keep the tires from rubbing, so he probably doesn't have more than 3" up...which is on the low side (I think 4" - 4.5" is a min for a crawler). Just remember that Tyler doesn't wheel

I think that a 36x13.5 is going to get you thinking about some stuff that is out of the box on an 80. You'd end up wanting to increase down travel due to the up travel restrictions, and then you are dealing with dropping coils off the tower, so they'd need to at least be restrained on the axle end, and maybe you start thinking a lower base spring rate on a longer spring and then you are into custom springs and they always screw up custom springs...

I haven't tested this personally, but it is my belief that the reason Slee uses the OME L shock on both his 4" and 6" kit is because with a higher spring rate coil you have a shorter coil at static height...and therefore it comes off the tower more quickly and you can't easily compensate for the lost up travel with extra down. So even with more lift, we only see additional up travel. The 80 just has relatively short coils to support that much weight, and that complicates suspension design substantially. In other words, these kits are road use biased.

I am hoping to see a more advanced coil solution on the market in the next few weeks to allow us to really push the tire sizes while properly balancing up and down travel...but on a straight Slee 4" with OME L's I think you'll be better off with a 35x12.5...

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