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good post...

I agree that the 36's are prolly gonna be overpowering the 4" suspension setup. 90% sure I'm goin' Trxxus. I know that the front ends are really the "stumbling" block so to say with the flex in the 80's.

I've been reading the thread in mud til I can't see straight about improving the flex in 80's...and my main question is....How badly do they need it???

Seems you have a few options:

A: 3 Link the front, prolly most expensive but by far solves all flex issues...

B: Pulling a bolt/hitch pin on one of the front control arm mounts...helps flex a little more, but at the expense of what? any deterioation of driveability? wear?

C. Flipping the arms to the top....not sure what this gains exactly, more clearance, possibly less bind if you build different brackets that allow more side/side/twist of the bushings....or add johhny joints/similar?

I guess my real question is, at this may of you feel limited on the trails you are doing by your front flex?

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