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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben
Great info Brian!

There is a major differance however between the friction of a line going through a carabiner at a pretty fast rate compared to 30feet per minute or slower winch fairlead. I do like you first hand experiance information! It really puts things in perspective!
You might be thinking of a rapelling or lowering situation where the cord is moving pretty fast. You can't use the cord that way. The cord (or a winch line) can take it, the problem is the 'biner will heat up rapidly, not a problem if you keep moving as the cord is not in contact with the hot surface long enough to cause damage. The problem is when you stop, then the cord will melt. The situation I was in was static, the webbing (in this case) was looped through a 'biner and supporting my body weight. Just the motion of my body was enough to cause a back and forth movement between the webbing and 'biner and wear right through the anadization. Not a dangerous situation at all just an example of how something so slippery can still cause friction.

I'm not dissing Syn cable at all, I planning on using it when i figgure out the fairlead thing. I believe it's much safer than steel. Like so many other mods we do, when we change the parameters of a piece of gear we need to under stand the new limiting factors. I'm just hoping to add some insight.
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