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Originally Posted by treerootCO View Post
I thought my pads needed replaced so I picked up some cheap ones. Went to change them and the tire was covered with brake fluid....not good. Took the tire off and metal shavings everywhere! In case you didn't know, an 80 series pad can pass right through an 80 series caliper if warn down. I was stopping on the caliper and piston! Headed to Christo's for some rotors and brake lines. Will have to get a new caliper from Toyota. The best part of Toyota quality is that we took the angle grinder to the piston and put it all back together and drove home.

I also went down to Hensley and picked up a series 78 Deka AGM and installed it. The battery is a lot smaller but it cranks the 80 over about as twice as fast as I remember.
same thing happened to me on the rear...brake fluid on a hot rotor makes pretty smoke!
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