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Default kinda like truck advice or Mod advice...

Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Is it worth the extra $500 for the 50D? The 40D seems like a killer camera.
sure! start a new thread! But I'll start's the basic info to get you started looking at DSLRs..(not too different from how we determine the "best" mods")

1. how will you be using it? family photos? blowing up pics real big? want some lenses? want a Fancy point-n-shoot
2. Do you have any Canon or Nikon lenses currently?
3. how familiar are you with exposure, f/stops, shutter speed, white balance, etc? do you want to learn?
4. does size matter?
5. have you checked Adorama or B&H photo? (do that. :-) )

Nikon and Canon are the big dogs in the space. you can't go wrong with either brand.
Any Nikon lens you find will fit on any Nikon DSLR. (well, from like the 1950's to present).
Canon has different mounts for different bodies.
at this level of camera, I'd say go to Mike's Camera or Wolf and hold them. one will feel better to you (balance, controls placement, ease of use etc). for was Nikon.
Spend your money on the 'GLASS' (lenses) - get a body that fits your needs.

I have a 10 mp D40x (entry level nikon) with some nice lenses - takes INCREDIBLE PICTURES. And at that level of camera, I can mess with all the settings, or...just set to AUTO and snap away. (higher end Nikons like the D200 are slightly more manual (aka flexible).

there are lots of cool cameras right now...D200 is close to end of life, D80 is close to end of life - both great cameras. AND NIKON supports all lines very well, forever.

Nikon's D60 is a GREAT entry level DSLR, the D90 is waaay cool with HD video, then we get into the higher end...D300, D700, D3, D3x. (in that order)

HTH for a start.
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