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Default Power Steering Conversion

Recently I picked up a mini truck power steering box and got started on collecting parts to convert to power steering. My 1971 will need a fair amount of work to get this done as it does not have dual pulleys and the steering shaft is one piece that runs directly into the steering box. I'm going to chronicle my work progress here for this project.

This is the first picture of interest for this project. I have removed the radiator and associated housings. I had never flipped down my front bib, and after I got it down decided to remove it for additional clearance. I only broke one bolt (one of the posts in the black grill) and was quite pleased considering how many old bolts and nuts I had to get removed. In this picture I have removed the big ole nut and the fan blade.

The leak is from my side cover and it is on my short list to be taken care of. Before dealing with the steering box and column there are quite a few things to be done right here. I need to remove the harmonic balancer w/ single pulley and replace it with a two row pulley.

My alternator will need to move to the passenger side. In its place I will be putting a saginaw pump. I am going to use the smog pump bracket to hold the saginaw pump.

I will need to put in a water pump from 1-75 thru 8-76 2F. The pulleys for this project came off a 76 2F and the dual water pump pulley will not line up with the alternator, saginaw pump or crank pulleys if I use the 1F water pump. The new water pump pulley has a longer shaft for the flange that the fan bolts to.
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