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Default Harmonic Balancer Repair Sleeve

In addition to the mysterious gasket found when cleaning the two row pulley, I noticed some significant grooves had been worn into it. The grooves were not all the way around the shaft, and I would guess were a contributing reason for the FJ making its way to the junk yard.

Some research found a repair sleeve, so a quick call to NAPA and in short order I had the correct Harmonic Balance Repair Sleeve.

Here is the sleeve just getting started on being put in place. You can see the grooves on the shaft in this picture.

I started to install the sleeve with my BFH - very gently I tapped it on. Shortly after starting, I switched to my rubber mallet. It is much lighter than the BFH and as it was a slow going processs requireing a gentle touch this was a better tool. Here is the sleeve installed.

The slight bump on the top was smoothed out prior to installation. Installation was very smooth. I lightly greased things up, lined the key way up and used the 1 13/16" big socket with the BFH to tap it in. The big ole nut threaded on most of the way by hand. I then step torqued the nut (70, then 100, then 135 lbs) and bent the locking tabs to hold it in place.
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