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Default Fabricating the PS pump bracket

I'm using a saginaw pump from an early 80's Volvo 240 series. These pumps are readily available in the junk yard and they come with a big groove pulley that is almost a spot on match for the Toyota pulleys.

I wanted to use the smog pump bracket to mount the pulley and to do this I needed to make some changes to the bracket.

The first change is to enlarge the holes on the ears so that the 10mm X 1.5 bolts would be able to pass through. Using a 3/8" inch drill bit I was able to enlarge one of the holes big enough to run a tap through. The second hole had a small sleeve it it and the drill bit succeeded in pushing it out - the resulting hole was larger than I wanted so I tapped the sleeve back in and used a small round file to bore it out enough for the bolt. A bit tedious work, but it got the job done. Here is a picture of the bracket mounted to the workmate during this process.

I don't have a bench in my garage, so the workmate has been a great tool. This is my second one, the vise mechanism on my first one came apart after 15 years of service, so it now serves to hold parts for painting.

Once I could get the pump into the bracket, next came a series of put the bracket in the truck, see what needed to be ground away, take the bracket out of the truck, grind; repeat the cycle.

The body of the saginaw pump has a ridge that makes it just a little to deep to put the front mounting bolt in. Once I ground for the depth, I next found that the same ridge would hit the bracket and affect the rotation that would be needed to tension the belt. Here is the grinding that I did on the bracket to deal with these issues.

Fresh grinds on painted bracket really makes it clear that I should not plan on becoming a blacksmith. There is not much that needs to be ground away and there is still plenty of metal left to keep things strong.

The next item to address was the bracket to tension the pump. The smog pump bracket almost works as is but given the large size of the bolt and body contours of the saginaw pump a bit of grinding was needed. I took a little off the bottom edge of the inside loop of the bracket and just a little off the bottom arch of the bracket. Its a bit hard to see in this picture:
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