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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
OK, I moved the relevant posts out of the "Dang I got a virus" thread and created a new thread. Let's continue...

I took the plunge and bought the Nikon D200 camera back. It just arrived yesterday. It looks awesome. However, I have not a single lens, so it is unusable at the moment.

Are there any local camera shops I should visit to check out Nikon lenses?

I would prefer to buy a Nikon lens for my first lens. I'm willing to buy used, but I would prefer to buy a newer lens with auto focus and vibration reduction (if needed).

Here's one that I'm thinking about:
Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom but it's spendy.
Check Craigslist, there are a ton of lenses on there. I would buy used, save some good cash unless it is the high end glass. I have a Canon for a while now and though my body is about half the price my lenses have barely dropped. If you are looking at saving money but still getting good quality you can get a Sigma lens. I know some will say no way but unless you are blowing up your pictures to 17x11 or bigger you will not notice the difference as long as you get a sharp unit.

I know Canon and Sigma have two lines of lenses as I am sure Nikon does. Not sure what they call their upper level but if you can afford it that is the way to go. They barely loose value and use awesome glass.

PS No matter what quality lens you buy snap some pictures first with it before you buy it. There are sharp copies out there and soft ones. I looked at three 17-40 lenses till I found the one I thought was sharp enough.
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