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No Sony Alpha guys here then? My old set up is a Minolta 7xi so I picked up an alpha. All my old lenses work on the Sony body. In addition to all my old lenses I have the best Sony digital flash, digital zooms and GPS. I don't think I'll need anything more anytime soon. I was going to go the D200 or D300 route till I sat down and added up what all that would cost me in the end. To have what I have now I would have spent well over $3,000 going with Nikon. Maybe more. As it is, I spent less for everything than what the D200 bodies go for on ebay. I have most of the features, equal resolution, and just a bit more higher ISO noise than the Nikon. As soon as I master what I have I'll step up, but that is prolly going to be a long time from now.
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