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Fixed the driver's side window that refused to go back up when it was cold outside.

The regulator was broken and is only available as an assembly. At $95.00 it gave me a good chance to see what a good one is supposed to be like. There is no play between any of the pivot points and the spring is 20times stronger on the new one. If you can source a new window spring, hammer the rivets of all the pivots, and assemble with clean tracks, I would guess that is all that is required to make these new again.

The motor and brushes were really dirty so that got taken apart and cleaned. I polished up the armature with a red 3M scotch bright pad and reassembled. The only grease I could find that shouldn't get hard when cold was some Mobil 1 syn so I threw that in. The brushes looked fine and still had some life left in them.

I cleaned the window tracks and relubed them with silicone. I also added some sound deadening to the door and that made a big difference. The door feels like it should now without the bounce back twang it had since I bought it.
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