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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
[rant/hijack] I actually didn't mind our former blue law. Wasn't that tough to plan ahead, it isn't that awful to get 3.2 beer if you didn't, and how much drinkin' do you really need to be doing on Sundays anyway? Maybe I'm just a wuss.. but if I owned a liquor store I'd be bummed if I now had to open and staff the store one more day/week just to remain competitive.

Do they sell more now that they're open 7 days/week? My hunch is no, they sell exactly the same it's just spread out over 7 days now instead of 6. If car dealers could sell cars on Sundays would you buy more cars? No, but your car dealers would get to raise operating expenses to be open on Sundays, and guess who that cost would get passed down to? [/rant/hijack]
Well said.

I work with someone who said "opening liquor stores on Sunday will prevent DUIs"

Because "now people can go to the store get their booze and come home to drink instead of going to a bar getting drunk and driving home"
He was very serious ( and perhaps a bit hungover)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread....
Mike W.
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