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for me, it is hard to plan ahead. i live paycheck to paycheck so i buy a minimal amount of beer. if i have a bad saturday, or early sunday morning, i was out the rest of the day. 3.2...fine with me, except the good beers aren't available in 3.2 (at least not in my town). so i do buy more beer.

cars at dealerships...i probably would've been tempted when i was younger to buy more cars at dealerships if they were open sundays...i can't take a day off work to go buy a car.

operating costs are part of the business. heck, i work for a company that's open 24hours a day. i've worked the graveyard's a complete waste of time. but trucks break down in the middle of the night and lose a lot of money every minute they're that cost is figured in to everything.
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