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Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
Matt, this is a cool project. My $.03 are.

keep it as simple as possible.

Having that compressor will result in at least 2 other people wanting to air up their tires too at the end of the trail.

Cheep 12v compressor may be slow but not any slower that airing up 3 trucks worth of tires.
Simple. Check. That's why no air tank at this time. Just trying to get from a to b.

I understand the "risk" or "cost" of having OBA installed

If it's only myself and maybe one other person (which happens often with me it seems), then it will for sure be faster (and quieter) than those cheap 12V compressors. Plus I won't have to buy 2 or 3 so I have a spare or two sitting around for when one craps out. I'll hopefully spend this money once and not have to spend a whole lot more ($50 or more a pop) every time I turn around. And seeing as I don't have a house with an air compressor yet, it will be mucho bettero than paying money at the gas station to run their stupid compressor.

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Farnham has a point...... I still leave the parking lot at the same time everybody else does.... and I get to burn more gas.
I usually am one of the last ones to leave anyway, not usually in a big hurry to get anywhere. Burning more gas, well, yeah...

Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
What's the duty cycle on these types of compressors? I ask because Matt and I almost smoked my York in the 40 filling up tires a few years back on the BOWAGWR. Actually, the York did start smoking and I thought was a goner - But after it cooled down it started working again. I checked the oil level/condition afterward and it was fine
Your York and this Sanden should have pretty high duty cycles. The 12V ones typically don't have a very high duty cycle. Additionally, the 12V are typically more cheaply made. Treeroot lost a piston on one this past summer up at Argentine, so no more worky for that one. It could happen on one of these two (Marco lost his first York to some problems), but I think the tradeoff of cfm produced is worth it.
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