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Default Short and small camping trip in Moab

So I decided to give my wife a break from me and my girls and took my new-to-me stock and locked 97 LX450 and some friends to Moab June 10th - to June 13th. I'm going to get the writing out of the way and just post pics.

Camping in the Ken's Lake camp ground near steel bender. high 80s all week with alot more rain then expected.

I had my stock LX450, a lifted 97 TJ, a stock 07 FJC, and a lifted 99 isuzu rodeo out for some playtime. My brother in the FJC spent more time mountain biking but did join us on some adventures.

Fins and things
Klondyke Bluffs
Elephant Hill and into Devils Kitchen in Canyonlands.

My towing hitch is a life saver to my body. I did get some running board damage which I expected and that was ok. I merely used them as a gauge to how close I can to rocker damage. I dented my ds rear bumper on something clearly over my vehicle rating but I was having too much fun.

We also looked over the confluence of the green and colorado rivers. Interested differences in color.

Also ran into a scout troop leaving Elephant Hill. The Lead rig was green troopy. Very nice vehicle. He was leading a group with a stock suburban and seqioua (with his running boards now removed and on top of the vehicle. No I didn't get pics of that).

notice the first pic with the TJ.... that 6 foot white scar on the rock was my tow hitch.
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