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Default What a difference

Well I have been stuck on Slow Mode with internet since we moved into the Mountains. The most reliable service was with Qwest. A slow 1.5Mbps. Well we got a card in the mail saying we could up grade to 7Mbps. I had heard we were going to get faster service here in Sunshine for a while. After the fire took out a bunch of wires(both xcel and Qwest). Qwest deceded to install optical fibre hub near the fire station on Sunshine county RD. Well it has only taken a little over a year for Centry link(formerly qwest) to start to upgrade every one.
Well, in talking to the rep from CL, we could get up to 20Mbps. I did not believe them, but ordered it any how. I hooked it up last Wed night and did some testing. Yes, we can test out a bit over 20Mbps on our lines.
All I can say is the internet is a whole difference experience now, and it is a real pleasure to have the higher speed. One good thing also, it did not cost us any more per month to get the higher speed service, we acutally are saving a couple dollars a month with the new service. Funny how that worked out.
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