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We've been on 20/5Mbps DSL since 2008, it really is fantastic. Although a lot of the Internet has caught up and so it's a little less ridiculously fast now. :-) When we upgraded we punted the land line and our price stayed the same despite losing the bundled price of a dial tone and 7Mbps.
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I ended up buying a new modem from Century Link when we upgraded our service. They said the old one couldn't handle speeds more than about 8 Mbps.
It's possible since doing 20Mbps requires an ADSL2+ compatible modem and the older ADSL and ADSL2 specs topped out at 8 or 12Mbps (depends on a few things). A bigger problem right now is the >20Mbps jump since to get 40Mbps you'd need an ADSL2+ modem capable of channel bonding and two circuits from the pole. I have an older refurbished ADSL2+ 2Wire 2701HG that I bought from Qwest for $99 that has been rock solid for years now, but it doesn't support port bonding even though our house is qualified for it.
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