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Speaking of Kelty, one thing they make that i've gotten a ton of great use out of is the Noah's tarp. especially if you find them on sale or clearance they are dirt cheap and super useful.

i have a 12' and a 16' and its a great way to get some sun/storm shelter in a small and dirt cheap package. they are not flat in any direction, so if you rig them up correctly you can get them drum tight and they'll stay tight and solid through some horrendous weather.

the 12' model in this photo was used as our 'base camp' shelter for about 6 years doing about 20 days a year outdoors. it finally bit the dust when the grommets that the poles attached to failed. being stretched so tightly puts a lot of load on those points, even still it earned its keep and i've reinforced the 16' with steel plates. they are a bit of a DIY project though, ditch kelty's rigging for spectre cord, a lot of small quick links and a bunch of MSR groundhog pegs.

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