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Originally Posted by Nay View Post
Yup. I sold my OEM replacement that I paid $260 for to recoup some cost. The GM cannister is larger and whatever advantage I can ascribe to it is purely size and cost, and now availability as the OEM is discontinued.

I do think that using premium fuel keeps smell down a bit, and that may be due to somewhat lower ethanol levels (purely speculation that this is even true).

Long term I hope to put in a GM flex fuel crate system. That stuff is designed for this ridiculous mess.
I run Premuim because of the SC, and do not get the smell you describe... so you may be onto something...

And the OEM ones are still available from Autozone as "Duralast/Vapor Canister Part Number: VC4054".. has the same numbers and markings that the OEM ones from Mr. Yota did....
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