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Originally Posted by NoVaGator View Post
Sorry.. I probably should have said "up Jackson Creek Rd from Perry Park Rd" so it was clear that that was how I accessed the whole area.

I'm going to run south down Long Hollow later today to see if I can snag a camp spot by that pond there. Otherwise I'll camp at one of the three spots on Dakan that I saw.

Fire restrictions have been lifted to the point where you *can* have one in one of the NFS metal rings, but not in a stone ring. (Actually, the NFS has lifted their restrictions entirely, but Douglas county still has theirs in place)

And by the way... the amount of trash at the campsites was DISGUSTING. I'll be bringing several huge trash bags with me while scouting today.
I camped off of Dakan Rd on NF 503 recently and was also disgusted with the amount of trash people leave back there.

That said, the campsites do seem few and far between but it is still beautiful when you can hike into the low-lying areas with creeks and green grass. I love Pike NF because it is so close to where I am.

I flew back there at lunch today. Here are some pics. You can see Jackson Creek Road in the bottom center of the first picture (Pike's Peak in the background). Devil's Head and Hayman Burn area in the other two.
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