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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Thanks, Dave. You confirmed what I thought concerning lower signal strength. And you added something I hadn't considered: reduced transmitter power.

I'm going to give an antenna a try, I think. I like DIRECTV just fine, but the cost is high compared to how much we actually use it.
We gave up DirecTV a few years ago for the same reasons and with analog TV + Netflix DVDs it wasn't too bad. Now with DTV + Netflix DVDs and Streaming + Hulu it's even less of an issue. The only thing cable/DBS gets you is a lot more sports, but even that I just head down to the bar to watch the Buffs (who are generally on Fox Sports or ESPN). Yeah, with all the hassle they got over the towers on Lookout I'm sure lower powers would be something they would love. Caveat: I don't know that they are lower power, just speculation.
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