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I don't believe it's appropriate, or practical, to try to restrict what potential gatherings can and can not be posted up. People here meet up for breakfast, to go shopping, help each other move, just as often as they meet to wrench, wheel, or camp. Nothing wrong with that. The only line is, if the gathering involves guns, alcohol, or let's just say for the sake of discussion anything outside the scope of Toyota 4x4's, then it's not a "club event."

If I were to arrange a shooting expedition, I probably wouldn't post up about it... but that's because I already know who I'd want to go out with, already know where to go, and would likely coordinate that through email or phones, or even PM's here. Just like John did above ^^ I appreciate the discretion, and suspect the majority would agree that yes, that's the way to go.

However I could also see if I were new in town, new to the hobby, or new to Toyotas, then heck it would seem totally appropriate to try to make some new friends who share my same interests. And it is. And when that happens the ensuing posts that follow from folks making their case to pick up your trash, stay on the trail, respect other people, etc. are also completely appropriate, and welcome, and actually why we're all active here in the first place right?

I'm a obviously huge advocate of our site here, our club, and the contributions we are making in our community. I love Toyotas, like driving them, modding them, fixing them, buying and selling them, couldn't begin to list the amount of things to that end that I've learned from this group. Add to that list how I've learned to weld, how to cut tile, wire a house, jet a motorcycle carb, and configure a mail client- probably even a longer list than the Toyota stuff, all learned from the friends I've made here. This is also where I met the friends who taught me to shoot a handgun safely.

I appreciate everyone who's posted here, great discussion, and again just reminds me what a terrific group of folks we have here.
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