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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
I think wes is leaving Sunday in his BJ70, you may catch up to him
we can follow the smoke trail.

Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
I prefer to travel with a small group than alone for safety reasons
Same with me, I trust my old cruisers, but it's always good to have a safety net.

Sounds like several of us are going early Wednesday. My 40 tops out at about 60-65 and is a fuel hog with no spare tank, so I'm stopping often.. Maybe we could determine a rondezvous point and a time and head out. I would like to get into Moab at a reasonable hour to allow for time for registration/inspection/meetings/ hanging out.

Is everyone coming from the Denver area and heading up 70? If so, maybe we could meet up at the Downieville burger king off 70 at 6am and go from there?

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