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Default Screwed for classic plate renewal

I have a '79 that was last registered as a collectors vehicle in 2008 and is now up for renewal. I thought I was grandfathered in since I was registered as a collectors prior to the last law that was passed in 2009 and would no longer need to worry about emissions testing.

Well, turns out I am wrong. That is no longer the case since passage of HB 13-1071.

This is something to be aware of if you have a '76+ that is registered as a collectors, you are now required to pass emissions every 5 years in order to renew your registration.

This is a problem for me because:

1 - My cruiser is desmogged and only retains the evap control system
2 - My cruiser is apart right now and is not running

Does anyone know what I have to have installed in order to pass a visual inspection? I am assuming I will have to have the air pump in place and catalytic converter in addition to the evap system. I am hoping they wont dig as deep as the EGR because I no longer have the port to hook it up (header). Any insight is appreciated.

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