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Default Loud Pop! Then the sound of metal rubbing!

Okay, so I'm driving home last night in my 88 Toy Pickup. I have my front hubs locked, but NOT in 4WD though. Than I hear this lound bang, and then metal rubbing. So, I turn off the road, pop the hood. The engine sounds great and runs fine, so I'm thinking it something to do with the front end. So, I unlock the hubs and get back in the truck and it drives home fine in 2WD with the hubs unlocked and no noise. Today, I lift the front end up and lock the hubs, the passenger side tire turns easy with no problems, but the driver side tire is hard to turn. So, I'm thinking CV joint, hub, U joint or something. I think the diff is fine, no noise coming from there. Keep in mind this is a indepedent front end.........
Any ideas of what happen and needs replacing??"
C.J. Bowen

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