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Red face Long Answer to a short vehicle

Ok, you asked
We have had a 2008 since new. Only issue was a clunking drive shaft. We could only convince them to replace it when we took the TSB to show them how to correct it. Once the TSB was in their hands, they knew what to do.
We do have a small lift on it and about 33" tires. I have never taken it off-road since I have a Toy with 37"s for that.

What I dislike:
Suicide doors are just darn near useless unless you are parking in an open field. My suggestion to Toyota would be to make the passenger side seat slide up like the old 2 door 4runners did so that you could use the S door when convenient, or use the seat movement when you can't easily use the door.
The window pillar is way forward, thick, and straight up. Normally, you wouldn't think much about that. However, when someone is walking or riding a bike, they are usually straight up too :-) With these combined, you have to make sure to look around that pillar since a head or legs will not show up like a thin or slanted pillar.
Mine seems to dodge around at high speeds. I'm going to try to get more caster added to see if that improves it. Did it before the lift as well. But I'm still chalking that one up to alignment at this point.
You can't turn off the traction control on the older models without making some mods. When it snows, I hate pulling out, spinning a tire and have the computer completely drop the power and leave you looking at traffic coming your way. I HATE THAT. I'll find a switch that I like and stop that crap though.
Ours has the backup sensors and my B in-law's has the camera. I prefer the sensors.
Rear side blind spots...Well, I know how to adjust my side mirrors to where the don't show me the same thing as my rear view mirror (in other words, correctly). They are now teaching kids how to adjust their mirrors correctly at Master Drive as well. So I don't find the blind spots to be an issue until I try to back under trees with low limbs or something.
Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the theater? I'd prefer a 4runner. Wife likes it though and we got it for a LOT less than a 4runner when new.

What I like:
Decent power.
Has a 4WD shifter instead of some electric button.
Drives pretty well.
Has some decent bolt on gear available (we have some KILLER rock sliders on it. Need to keep those idiots with uncontrolled doors off of the sides. I can find the name of them if desired - they are beefy!). From the factory, the belly is soft. I'd suggest some good skid plates. This is really the only reason that we haven't taken it mildly off-road yet.
Short wheelbase can be fun.
Has been very dependable.
Overall, we actually like it a lot.

What I want to do:
Skid plates underneath.
Switch for the traction control.
Real bumpers front and rear.
A better roof rack. I think I like the Gobi Stealth rack.

Decent information here:
Just remember, most of these guys have little real off-road experience. However, some have some great rigs and lots of experience/feedback.

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